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Scientific Writing & Copywriting!

We offer scientific writing and copywriting for individuals or companies who need the best service possible, and the highest level of expertise.

Our PhD experts have a long experience writing scientific and technical research papers, grants, patents, reports, summaries, popular science papers, and more. 

Some of the topics we currently cover are:

  • Scientific fields: Physics, Chemistry, Materials, Nanoscale and Surface Phenomena.
  • Engineering: including nanoscale, surface and 2D  engineering.
  • Medical: Health, immune response, COVID-19, vitamins.
  • Grant application writing and editing.
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Fact checking correcting


Today, information is so easy to come by. Everyone has news or a story to tell. But, the spread of fake news, inaccurate or out-dated information, is also endangering the safety of your products and the credibility of your organization.

In the scientific and technical world, only real experts know how to read and understand highly technical content (scientific papers, patents, PhD thesis, etc …). Understanding and attention to detail is paramount.

At Stanbridge, we can help you with fact-checking and information mining by going directly to the source of the information, and making sure it is accurate and up-to-date. What you get is the highest level of expertise (our experts all have a PhD degree), years of experience reading and writing scientific and technical content, and attention to detail.

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Teaching & Online Education!​

Online education is quickly becoming the new norm. Whether you are a student, a professional, retired, or simply interested in learning  something new, you can rest assured that we offer the highest level of scientific and technical teaching, in engaging, accessible and high quality HD videos that are fun to learn from!

Stanbridge Scientific offers online courses, educational videos and tutorials on a variety of relevant topics (sciences, technology, health, medicine). Our experts all have the highest PhD qualifications and experience.
Have a look at some of the courses we currently offer by clicking the link below. We can also provide tailor-made courses and tutorials on a specific topic, just ask us in the Contact Section or see our current courses by clicking the link below.

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