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Stay up-to-date with the latest regarding COVID-19 variants, vaccines, transmission, natural immunity, and protection. All the data shown is either official, scientific, peer-reviewed and/or published.



Learn about m-RNA vaccine technology, and the latest official data from the USA, EU and UK regarding efficiency, safety, side-effects, and more.

What do experts tell us about the efficacy and the safety of COVID vaccines? Are you wondering how effective the 4th dose is?

See official numbers of vaccine side-effects by severity, age groups, symptoms, country, etc …


Vitamins & Immunity

How can we protect ourselves from viruses, and what do we know about the role of natural immunity against COVID-19?

Can we enhance our natural immunity with vitamins, nutrition and by other means?

How effective is natural immunity at preventing infections, and how do T-cells and B-cells protect us against re-infections. 


Protection & Masks

How effective are face-masks in preventing infection? Should you were a mask indoors, outdoors, or both?

Are all masks equivalent, and do they offer the same level of protection?

Learn about the differences between face masks, their effectiveness at blocking viruses, their design, their materials and construction.  

Find out which mask to use in a specific situation.


Virus Transmission

How do viruses really transmit? Do they transmit mainly in the form of large droplets, and over short distances? What is the role of airborne and fomite transmission in disease spreading? How to reduce spreading of viruses in everyday life?

Find out how viruses transmit in the air, indoors and outdoors, and which conditions affects their spreading. Learn about other modes of transmission (contact, etc…).