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  • Dear YouTubers, due to the recent YouTube take down of two of my videos, I decided to move the discussions on my own Blog here on the Stanbridge Scientific website. This is a temporary solution for now, until I find a definitive solution to the censure from YouTube. At least here, no one will come and censure us!
  • This is your Blog. Feel free to comment and suggest alternative solutions to YouTube, all ideas are welcome! Moreover, in order to know who is who, please add your YT name at the beginning of your post.
  • Thanks for your enthusiasm and interest in these videos, and for supporting free speech and the dissemination of science to the public at large. Many more videos will come soon both on YouTube, and elsewhere to avoid further censure.

10 thoughts on “For YouTube Viewers and Followers”

  1. my Original censored YouTube post:

    Your findings do correlate well with other international findings (links below) any discussion relating to “all cause mortality” from the vaccine is being ignored in the mainstream media and gov health officials,

    -Possible systematic miscategorisation of vaccine status raises concerns about claims of Covid-19 vaccination effectiveness

    -UK statistician finds Massive Death Spike During Covid Vaccine Campains

    – Deaths in New Zeland

    My sister in-law was diagnosed with Non-hojcins lymphoma (cancer) last month. She was a fit , health- conscious person , Im now hearing of a other, severe, lifelong injuries in vaccinated people local to me. This madness needs to stop ! Thank you Stanbridge Scinetific !!!!! I also hope The Canadian truckers can break the spell most of us seem to be under.

  2. I would like to see data on vaccination injuries and adverse effects. Also all cause mortality of vaccinated vs unvaccinated. Thank you for your good work and unbiased information.

  3. Hi, I would like to say that they take down every single comment I make when I mention the known and absolute facts” sight Dr Jason Knight out of the University of Michigan lab studies on APS and covid 19. I have Anti-Phospholipid-Syndrome- Lupus Anticoagulant and I don’t know anything about medical issues but I do know that it’s not even being disputed that covid 19 leaves the same ANTIBODIES that APS has… That’s what APS is are ANTIBODIES . It’s those antibodies that have kept me extremely sick for ten years it’s also what a vaccine is supposed to make your body produce ANTIBODIES that make you immune to covid a19 . Those same ANTIBODIES ( That normally fight disease) ) are what kills you… I have had DVT and Kidney failure along with 5 surgeries and 172 days in the hospital. I have been threatened and my own Drs have turned against me and now they’re trying really hard to get me vaccinated but I have researched so much that I know for a fact that I don’t need nor want anymore of those antibodies and when I asked my heart Dr about this he said he didn’t know about the Antibodies and rushed me out of his office.. I was in there less than thirty seconds.. I can go into much much greater detail on their actions and so much more evidence from peer reviewed lab studies but I have rambled enuf for now. Was wondering if you know anything about this as I’m not allowed to even mention APS anymore. Please let me know and I’ll comment further on things I Know and what the clear evidence shows. There’s tons more. Please if you haven’t read or Know about this please look at it and tell me what you think. There’s just way way too much to be a coincidence

  4. I had one of my YouTube Channels terminated over 6 months ago for an alleged “Counterfeit Product” claim which I was never told what the item was or who made the claim and had no way of proving my innocence. So I moved around a thousand or so videos over to Vimeo. It seems to work good but you do have to pay for the data if you have a lot of video content.

    YouTube is criminal!

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