How to get enough Vitamin D by sun exposure? Part 2

6 June 2021

Can you produce Vitamin D all year long?

We’ve seen that in order to produce Vitamin D naturally, you need to expose your skin the sun. However, things get more complicated by the fact that if there is no UVB in the sunlight, you will not produce any Vitamin D! Confused?

The amount of UVB present depends on many factors (the time of the year, the time of day, your geographical location, whether the sky is cloudy or not, etc …). Despite the weather conditions and the presence (or not) of clouds, UVB may be completely absent from the sunlight for a large part of the year depending on where you live.

For example you live in the northern hemisphere in Boston (Ma., USA), you will get no or very little UVB for several months of the year. However, if you in Miami (Fl., USA) you will get a lot more UVB all year long. Unfair? Yes, and this has to do with the latitude (distance from the equator), and the angle at which the sunrays impinge on the surface of the earth at this specific location.

Typically, the farther away you are the equator, the less UVB will be present in the sunlight during the year. This means less opportunity to produce Vitamin D naturally from sun exposure. However, if you live close to the equator, you likely can get UVB most of the year. However, does this mean you can produce Vitamin D all year, and could you still be Vitamin D deficient despite living in a place with plenty of UVB? Stay tuned for the answer, … which will surprise many!

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