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Do you really know what it takes to write a manuscript that gets published in a high impact factor journal? Do you understand what journal editors and reviewers are looking for? Do you know what are the most common mistakes which lead to rejection, and how to avoid them?


Because we are also journal reviewers and editors, we understand there is a fine line between acceptance and rejection. Details matter, and so does experience! We can help you improve your submission to get in review, and significantly increase your chances of being published in your top-choice journal.

Full Manuscript Editing

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Writing and publishing is an art! It is so much more than just getting great results in the lab… Of course results count, but knowing how to present your results and articulate new ideas and models, in order to convince editors and reviewers that your manuscript ticks all the boxes, is what really counts.

At GetPublishedIn, we offer much more than just language editing and proof-reading. We are one of the very few services which also provides a full, high-level, scientific review and editing, including a detailed  Expert Scientific Editing Report which covers the following points:

  • clarity and strength of your message
  • sentence construction and flow
  • check for any inconsistency in logic
  • strength of your results, and of the methodology used
  • clarity of the figures
  • coherence between your results, the hypotheses and the conclusions.

You can now submit your next paper with the confidence that you are giving yourself the best chances of success, and experience less stress when writing and publishing your research!

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Get a detailed report

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We will send you a detailed report (typically 5-10 pages) which discusses the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript (specifically for the journal you intend to submit to), and which makes clear recommendations for improvement.

The report starts with a general summary, which provides an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the study, and continues by discussing in detail each part of the manuscript: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Experimental and Methods, References, Supplementary Information. In each section, we propose critical  changes and recommendations, in order to significantly improve the manuscript and its chances of success when submitted to the chosen journal. 

Depending on the type and length of your article, reports will be sent to the authors within 5 to10 days after reception of the manuscript. Reviews may take longer, please ask for a quote.

See an example of an Expert Scientific Editing Report here.

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Cover letter

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Did you know that 70-90% of newly submitted papers are rejected at pre-screening, without any review, in most top journals? Do you have a clear idea of what leads to editorial rejection?

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Although often times overlooked, we know how critical the Cover Letter is to pass pre-screening! Besides a full reviewing of your manuscript, we also offer editing and re-wording of your Cover Letter, to give you the best chance of getting in review in your top-choice journal.

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