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Learn about the latest research regarding the benefits of vitamins, nutrition, exercice and natural immunity.

How can we protect ourselves from viruses, and what do we know about the role of natural immunity against COVID-19?

Can we enhance our natural immunity with vitamins, nutrition, exercice, and by other means?

Find out what the latest peer-reviewed and published research tells us about how vitamin D (and other vitamins too), nutrition and physical activity can help fight off infections.  

How much sunlight do you need in order to produce enough Vitamin D?
16 June 2021 In a simulation of ultraviolet (UV) light, researchers calculated the amount of vitamin D produced when exposing your skin to the sun under various conditions of...
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Can you still be Vitamin D deficient despite living in a place with plenty of sun all year?
10 June 2021 Research over the past 2 decades have shown that Vitamin D deficiency is pandemic [1–3]. Nearly every country in the world has a large majority of their population with...
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How to get enough Vitamin D by sun exposure? Part 2
6 June 2021 Can you produce Vitamin D all year long? We’ve seen that in order to produce Vitamin D naturally, you need to expose your skin the sun. However, things get more...
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How to get enough Vitamin D by sun exposure? Part 1
1 June 2021 What is UVB light? We’ve been talking a lot about UVB, and you may also hear about it when reading about Vitamin D production from sunlight. But what is UVB? UVB (ultraviolet...
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How much Vitamin D Do we produce when exposing our skin to sunlight?
28 April 2021 One of the main ways by which we produce Vitamin D is by exposing our skin to sunlight. Well, this is only partially true because sunlight only is not enough, there...
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Why Can’t I Produce Vitamin D Even if it is Sunny Outside?
26 April 2021 As we mentioned in our previous post (25 April 2021), in order for your skin to produce Vitamin D from sunlight there must be UVB radiations. The problem is that in...
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Can we get Vitamin D all year long by sun exposure?
25 April 2021 This is a misunderstood topic, but an important one. First, Vitamin D does not come from the sunlight itself, but it is the product of a chemical reaction between specific...
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Could Vitamin D help reduce cancer?
30 March 2021 Have you heard of the Vitamin D – cancer hypothesis? Today I wanted to share with you some really interesting results regarding the incidence of your vitamin...
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Can Vitamin D protect you against COVID-19?
25 March 2021 Did you know that over 70% of white people, and over 90% of people with darker skin, have vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency worldwide? And these numbers have been...
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