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Full Editing of your Manuscript!

Outsourced Accounting

Publishing and getting funding is becoming more and more difficult, and we know how critical it is to your career. We understand the frustration of spending months in review and being rejected.

At GetPublishedIn, we offer one of the very few services which provides a full, high-level, scientific review which covers in detail the logic, clarity and strength of your message, results, figures and more.

Peace of mind

Individual Tax Services

With the Peace of Mind package, an experienced expert helps you edit and improve your manuscript before you submit it to a journal, but also after it goes in review and until acceptance.

Corporate & Partnership Tax Services

We help you with revising of your manuscript and your reply to the reviewers’ comments, to make sure your responses and your reply to the editor are appropriate, on-point and strategically written.

Grant Proposals

Mergers & Acquisitions

Publishing and getting funding are among your top priorities. We can also help you write and edit your grant proposals, so that you don’t miss the next round of funding!

Financial Crisis

You are not alone anymore. We're here to help!

Publishing and getting funded is a stessful and frustrating business. And because your colleagues are also very busy, finding help is not always easy.

Now, you can get expert help, provided by peers for peers, in order to save time, money, and to find some well-deserved peace of mind. Get in touch, we’re here for you!

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