Vaccine Data USA – May 2022 (Part 1: Side-Effects)

This is the latest official data for the vaccine side-effects reported on the VAERS system from the CDC as of 29 April 2022. Link:

This data shows the total number of side-effects from all causes, symptoms and age groups. In the graph below (Fig. 1) I combined the number of side-effects reported on VAERS from ALL vaccines since 1921, yes 1921! This data relates to side-effects from roughly 99 different vaccines (flu, measles, chickenpox, COVID, etc…) that have been reported on a voluntary basis by patients, medical doctors, hospitals, etc… since 1921. This means that these numbers are a lower limit of the actual numbers since many adverse events are not reported by patients.

In Fig. 2 you can see a zoom-in of the same data from the year 2000 until 2022, and with addtional data for COVID vaccines only (grey bars on the right). It is very clear that there is a huge spike in the number of reported side-effects in 2021 compared to previous years, and that the large increase in numbers is due to COVID vaccines.

Note: while the numbers from VAERS may be much lower than actual numbers, a direct comparison between numbers reported for different vaccines is still meaningful if we assume that the numbers are under-reported in the same way for both vaccines. I will post a more comprehensive explanation about this in the near future, and show papers and published data regarding under-reporting on VAERS.

The numbers speak for themselves! If you want more analysis and explanation regarding this data, please check out this video:

Figure 1: All adverse side-effects from ALL vaccines reported on VAERS since 1921.

Figure 2: All adverse side-effects from ALL vaccines (including COVID vaccines) and from COVID vaccines only, as reported on VAERS since 2000.

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