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COVID-19 Vaccines

Stay up-to-date with the latest research and official data regarding COVID-19 vaccines, efficacy, safety and side-effects for the USA, Canada, EU and UK. 

Latest Vaccine Research, News & Official Data

What do experts tell us about the efficacy and the safety of COVID vaccines? Are you wondering how effective the 4th dose is? What are the latest official numbers and data regarding vaccine efficacy, safety and side-effects?

Find videos, summaries, explanations and links to the latest research on vaccine efficacy, safety, side-effects, and more. All the data shown is scientific, peer-reviewed and published.

Surprising New Results! Huge Boost In Protection After Natural Infection
This new study from Oxford University shows truly amazing results regarding protection from COVID with and without natural infection. Results show that natural infection significantly...
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Vaccine Data USA - May 2022 (Part 2)
This is the latest official data for the number of deaths due to ALL vaccines reported on the VAERS system from 1921 to today on the CDC’s website (as of 29 April 2022). Link:...
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H1N1 vs. COVID Vaccine Side-Effects
Moderna and Pfizer are seeking emergency use authorization in the USA for a 4th dose of the COVID vaccine! However, after 15 months of vaccination, what are the numbers of severe side...
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Vaccine Data USA - May 2022 (Part 1: Side-Effects)
This is the latest official data for the vaccine side-effects reported on the VAERS system from the CDC as of 29 April 2022. Link: https://wonder.cdc.gov This data shows the total...
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Vaccine Data EU - May 2022
Coming soon!
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COVID-19 Vaccine Official Data (USA)
Here you will find official data from the CDC (VAERS) regarding vaccine adverse events in the the USA. I will update this data and add new information and graphs regularly, so check...
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