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New Videos - February 2022

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MUST WATCH! Official Data- Is COVID Really More Lethal Than Influenza? - 8 Feb 2022

How many deaths have actually been caused by COVID? How do numbers compare to influenza? Which is more lethal? Here, I show official data for both COVID and influenza deaths.

MUST SEE! BANNED on YouTube - Actual Risks of Myocarditis After Vaccine - 10 Feb 2022

What are the risks of cardiac events (myocarditis and pericarditis) after COVID vaccination, and how does it compare to numbers after COVID infection for different age groups?

Rates of COVID vs Vaccine Hospitalization

In this video we show official data regarding hospitalization rates due to COVID infection, and after vaccination in various age groups.

MUST Watch! - What Happens When SCIENCE Makes Sense of COVID? - 2 Feb 2022

Denmark announced that they will lift all COVID restrictions! Find out what's it all about, and what is the scientific model that pushed Denmark to lift restrictions.

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